roots water ring vacuum unit Application

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roots water ring vacuum unit Application

roots water ring vacuum unit Application

For roots water ring vacuum unit, water ring vacuum pump is more advantageous than other vacuum pumps. It overcomes the limit pressure difference (the limit pressure of the unit is much higher than that of the water ring pump) when a single water ring pump is used. At the same time, it retains the advantages of rapid operation of roots pump and larger pumping rate, especially suitable for pumping a large number of pumps. Condensable mixed fatty acid vapor.

Vacuum pump unit: it is composed of vacuum pump, vacuum box, electrical box, vacuum meter and electromagnetic vent valve. Different vacuum units have wide application prospects in vacuum absorption, vacuum filtration, vacuum concentration, vacuum drying, vacuum crystallization, vacuum transportation, vacuum deaeration, vacuum aeration, vacuum fractionation and other vacuum fields in the industries of industrial automation, fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, inorganic salt, textile, food, brewing, metallurgy, environmental protection, laboratory, etc.

Vacuum pump unit is developed with the continuous demand of vacuum equipment. The design of vacuum pump unit is also the body to test the R & D and design level of vacuum pump manufacturer.

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