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If one wants to be born into the realms of the Brahma Gods (Brahmaloka) Cheap NCAA College Jerseys , one should be constantly on one's guard to prevent deterioration.2 The forms of Jhana which deteriorate are practised by those who derive pleasure from objects of sense desires (Kamarammana). One who attains the fully Absorbed (Appana) Jhana, does not deteriorate, and his mind is detached so that he escapes from sense desires. In order to know which of the Jhana states deteriorate and which do not, one should examine one's Sense-Doors (Dvara-Sammuti) and the States which are Free of Sense Doors (Dvara-Vimutti), and these are found to be linked together. In other words, when we sit to practise Samadhi and Jhana arises Cheap College Jerseys , the Sense-Doors are operative. Here it is said that the Volitional (Javana) Citta associates with the object.

When one is tired and lies down, at first one remains concentrated in Jhana and this is when the Sense doors are operative. But when one goes to Sleep the Citta goes into the state which is free of sense doors.

If the Citta which is free of Sense Doors takes over when one goes to sleep, one does not dream and one wakes-up still in a concentrated state. One thus remains in the Jhana state, one is free from Sloth and Torpor (Thina-Middha) and one is not addicted to lying down. This is called the type of Jhana which does not deteriorate.

If the Citta which is free of Sense Doors does not take over when one goes to sleep, one dreams, because one cannot get rid of sloth and torpor. When one wakes up Cheap NCAA Jerseys , the mind then reverts to the Sensual Realm (Kamavacara). This is the type of Jhana which deteriorates. However, one who attains this Jhana State which deteriorates, is still superior to one who does not attain to Jhana at all.

Concerning those who want to attain the Transcendental State (Appana-Javana-Lokuttara), in other words, those who set-up Nibbana as the Object of the Citta, in order to know whether there is a way for them to attain Nibbana at the present time or not Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , they must examine their Sense-Doors and the Citta which is free of doors. When they sit down and practise Samadhi, and the Citta becomes detached and free from Thought Images (Sankhara-Nimitta), it is based on the Sense-Doors. When they lie down and go to sleep and the State which is free of doors does not supervene, then because they cannot get rid of sloth and torpor, dreams take place. This occurs in one whose mind still has to undergo more training before Nibbana can be attained. This person is one who can attain detachment after some time (Tadamaga-Vimutti). Why is this? It is because one who still has to undergo training, has the type of Citta which is Kamma-forming and Associated-with-Knowledge Cheap Jerseys China , in the Sensual-Realm (Kamavacara-Nanasampayutta-Kusala) which sets up the factors of the Noble-Path (Ariya-Magga).

If the mind is free and detached while walking, standing and sitting, when one lies down and goes to sleep, the State which is Free of Sense Doors intervenes and the mind remains detached and free, so that one wakes up fresh, having had no dreams. This is because one has got rid of sloth and torpor Cheap Jerseys , due to which one's States which are free of Sense Doors do not expand. This is the state of one who has completed his training, because he has the type of Citta which is Non-Kamma forming and Associated-with-Knowledge, in the Realm-of-Sense-Desires (Kamavacara-Nanasampayutta-Kiriya) which sets up the factors of the Noble-Path.

One who attains non-deteriorating Jhana will probably be born into the realms of Brahma. He will be born according to the class of his Jhana attainment; thus, for a low or high class of Jhana attainment, he is born respectively into a lower or higher grade of Brahmaloka.

Summarising the above; if one attains Mundane-Detachment (Lokiya-Vimutti) which does not deteriorate, then one is born into the Brahma-realms-of-Form (Rupa-Brahma) and of-Formlessness (Arupabrahma). If however Wholesale NCAA College Jerseys , it is of the sort which deteriorates, then one is born into the realms-of-Sense-Desires (Kamaloka). As for Transcendental-Detachment (Lokuttara-Vimutti), in a similar way, if it is of the sort which does not deteriorate, then one attains Nibbana; but if it deteriorates, then one still cannot attain Nibbana and so must be born into the sensual-realms.
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