Vaccine help (pentacel? DTaP alone?)

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Vaccine help (pentacel? DTaP alone?)

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We are splitting up my daughter's 12-18 month shots.  My main concern is the best coverage for susceptible illnesses in September, since that is when her older sibling will start preschool.  We've never been in a daycare environment, so I am anticipating a lot of illness!  Yikes!  

She is now 15 months and has received:

Hep B 2,4,6, mths
Pentacel 2,4,6, mths
PCV 2,4,6,12 mths
MMR 12 mths

She still needs (will you double check this for me?)
hep A

I was thinking I could wait on the varicella and Hep A, as they don't pose a major risk, right?

So...I don't know if I should:
Pentacel (to stay with the same brand--but get an extra polio) + Hib
Pentacel alone
DTaP + Hib
Dtap alone, Hib later

Thanks for any insight!!
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Re: Vaccine help (pentacel? DTaP alone?)

NEMommy -

Pentacel is DTaP, IPV and hib, so if you did another Pentacel (which is what I would recommend) then you'd have the hib with it (and one extra polio, which would not bother me due to the benefit of getting the DTaP and hib in one shot).

And yes, HepA and varicella are not as important.

Hope that helps