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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Posted On : Aug-26-2010 | seen (702) times | Article Word Count : 387 |

Medical marijuana and medical marijuana dispensaries have become a hot topic recently Khalen Saunders Chiefs Jersey , and in recent years fourteen states have enacted laws legalizing medical marijuana in one form or another. Medical marijuana and medical marijuana dispensaries have become a hot topic recently, and in recent years fourteen states have enacted laws legalizing medical marijuana in one form or another. While the best known is California, states like Colorado, Hawaii, Alaska Juan Thornhill Chiefs Jersey , Montana, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, and New Jersey have legalized medical marijuana and have several dispensaries serving patients on a regular basis. There are even medical marijuana dispensaries in our nation's capitol Mecole Hardman Chiefs Jersey , Washington, DC.

A medical marijuana dispensary is a location where a patient or a patient's caregiver, only with a doctor's prescription and proper identification card, can obtain medical grade marijuana from a reliable and legal source. Marijuana has been used medicinally for centuries across many diverse cultures, but it was not until recent times that organized dispensaries and marijuana's medicinal benefits were taken seriously.

Marijuana has been used to treat a wide range of ailments and conditions from anxiety and depression to insomnia and Crohn's disease. Marijuana has long been known to relieve pain and sickness associated with cancer Spencer Ware Chiefs Jersey , HIV, AIDS, and their treatments.

Each state has enacted its own laws to govern and regulate the medical marijuana dispensaries, their income, and the management of the marijuana itself. In general Justin Houston Chiefs Jersey , to obtain a medical marijuana identification card, one must first visit with a board certified physician in the respective state and be recommended by that physician for marijuana therapy. The doctor will write a prescription for marijuana treatment, and the patient will then need to obtain their medical marijuana identification card, which is typically granted through the local department of health for that state. Many doctors specialize in marijuana therapy and often assist their patients in obtaining their card and finding a medical marijuana dispensary.

There are hundreds of dispensaries across the country and some located in Oregon and Montana even accept out of state cards at their dispensaries. Many dispensaries can now even deliver directly to their patients in certain states, as well as having lounges and common areas where the product can be sampled. There are several resources on the internet that specialize in helping medical marijuana patients locate doctors Eric Berry Chiefs Jersey , dispensaries, and even social networking with other patients. You can check by county also, example, marijuana orange county has over 200 clinics, over 50 doctors and over 10 lawyers.

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