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Cisco CCNA Mike Moustakas Brewers Jersey , CCENT, and CCNP Practice Exam Questions: Frames, OSPF Ryan Braun Brewers Jersey , Authentication Proxy, And More! Computers Articles | June 27, 2008

Test your knowledge of vital Cisco certification exam topics with these practice questions on switches Lorenzo Cain Brewers Jersey , frame, Authentication Proxy, OSPF design Cory Spangenberg Brewers Jersey , and more!

Test your knowledge of vital Cisco certification exam topics with these practice questions!

CCNA and CCENT Certification:

A frame comes into a switch on port fast01. The switch does a lookup on the destination MAC, and sees that the destination is also found off fast01. What action describes how the frame will be handled?

A. broadcast

B. unicast

C. forwarded

D. filtered

E. multicast

Answer: D. That frame is filtered - that is, the switch drops it.

CCNP BSCI: Cisco OSPF design guidelines state that a router should be in no more than how many areas?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four

E. Five

Answer: C. Cisco recommends a router not be placed in more than three areas.


Which of the following is NOT true of a SPAN source port?

A. It can be part of an Etherchannel.

B. It can be monitored in multiple SPAN sessions.

C. It can be a regular Ethernet port Corey Knebel Youth Jersey , Fast Ethernet, or Gigabit Ethernet.

D. It can also be a destination SPAN port.

Answer: D. A SPAN source port cannot be a destination port. The other three statements are true of source ports.


You're configuring the Authentication Proxy. In what locations can you store the user profiles?

A. TFTP Server

B. Local router's Flash

C. RADIUS Server

D. Local router's NVRAM

E. TACACS+ Server

Answers:? C, E.? The user profiles can be stored on and downloaded from a RADIUS or TACACS+ server.


What's the difference between an "ad hoc" wireless network and an "infrastructure" wireless network?

Answer:? Ad Hoc networks have no wireless access points Jhoulys Chacin Youth Jersey , and infrastructure wireless networks have at least one.

Look for more Cisco certification exam training questions on my website and on this one as well!

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