Oil sealed vacuum pump in semiconductor industry

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Oil sealed vacuum pump in semiconductor industry

Oil sealed vacuum pump in semiconductor industry

The oil seal vacuum pump is the rotary vane vacuum pump, which is generally the front stage vacuum pump of the vacuum unit. This kind of pump compresses various mixed gases into atmospheric pressure and discharges them into the exhaust pipe in the range of 60-100 ℃. If the pressure, concentration and temperature of hazardous products in the pump are relatively high, these substances will accumulate in the pump and its accessories, and these substances will contact with the surrounding air in the exhaust pipe, etc., which will constitute a potential danger.

For the harmful gases produced or used in semiconductor manufacturing, appropriate measurement methods must be adopted to prevent fire and explosion, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and prevent the acute or chronic poisoning of operators, maintenance personnel and service personnel. For the sake of safety, suitable vacuum pumps and accessories with sufficient pumping force shall be equipped, and reasonable operation and maintenance methods shall be adopted, and appropriate monitoring devices shall be equipped.

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