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Voice biometrics and behavioral analytics to battle fraudulent attacks on call centers Marketing Articles | July 9 Joe Maddon Cubs Jersey , 2015
There is a rise in call center fraud in recent years as reported by retailers and financial services companies. With technological advancements, the companies are getting better at spotting any fraudu...

There is a rise in call center fraud in recent years as reported by retailers and financial services companies. With technological advancements, the companies are getting better at spotting any fraudulent activity and are becoming quicker in preventing them. This made the hackers to shift their focus on corporate call-centers, as it is a path Anthony Rizzo Cubs Jersey , which offers least resistance.

Few enterprises moving their call centers closer, tightening the security controls and limiting what is outsourced. But other companies, which cannot afford their own security services, are outsourcing it to third parties who can provide the kind of securities they want.

Call centers are currently the weakest links in an organization Cole Hamels Cubs Jersey , as it a channel with large human factor being involved. With the advent of Big data and Machine Learning techniques, which can be used to detect and prevent frauds at quicker rates, fraudster’s are having a hard luck playing online and looking for other channels to exploit. Starting with call centers, they are going for cross-channel attacks Addison Russell Cubs Jersey , where they migrate to other channels by using the credentials they were able to lay hands on in the first channel.

A typical call center authentication process can be passed just by snooping around social media by learning account holder’s maiden name or the name of his first school pet. A fraud capable of Automatic Number Identification or caller ID doesn’t even have to answer personal question to get through the authentication process. For instance, the identity theft of a wired reporter, Mat Honan and stealing of bank and debit card details of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen were done with call center fraud tactics.

The main focus of call center agents is to make customers happy which makes call centers susceptible to fraudulent attacks. The key to battle this challenge is making use of technological developments. Call center organizations should adapt next generation tools.

Voice biometric engine is one such tool that identifies voiceprint of an individual based on physical attributes like mouth size, vocal tract length and shape of nasal passage Jason Heyward Cubs Jersey , which even the sophisticated hackers find it difficult to personate.

Many organizations are attracted to voice biometrics and believe it as a possible better solution for authenticating their customers. Some screen all the customers against voice biometrics where as some monitor calls of voiceprints of callers who had committed fraud previously.

NICE systems is one such company that uses voice biometrics for detecting fraud. This system incorporates traits on calls in combination with interaction analytics and alerts agents if any fraud pattern is detected. The agent may not be a security professional, so when a high-risk alert is spawned the real time guidance engine takes the agent through apt steps and instructs him to transfer the call to security professionals.

But, it won’t take much time for a determined criminal to find a way to game these systems over time. Hackers are becoming innovative and developing new fraud and anti fraud technologies has been an endless cycle.

The vulnerability of call centers to hackers, could impact the business model of offshoring and outsourcing. The solution providers need to work continuously to upgrade their systems and keep the hackers at bay.

Most customers are genuine and too many security measures could raise suspicion and unrequired interaction. So Ben Zobrist Cubs Jersey , preventing these fraudulent activities in the backend at the same time preserving good customer service in the front end is a challenge organizations have to face.

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Astral Projection Techniques ? Different Ways Of Astral Travel Self Help Articles | December 10 Kris Bryant Cubs Jersey , 2012
You could learn various astral projection techniques that you can use to experience astral travel. Try each technique available until you can find one that will give you the best astral experience.

Different astral projection techniques are available for anyone to learn and use in order to experience astral travel. You can experiment on each method until you can find one is most suited for you. For each technique or method, remember that the efficiency of astral projection will depend upon the energy you possess inside your body. Each technique can provide specific time that you can spend outside your body and the frequency by which you can experience this etheric projection. ?Whatever technique you use, relaxation is always critical.Rope TechniqueRobert Bruce developed this method. ?It is among the easiest methods to use. ?The ability to visualize is not a requirement to perform this technique. ?How long you can project using this method will depend on the energy flow you have, as well as the level of your chakra.?First Kyle Schwarber Cubs Jersey , string a rope or ribbon on the ceiling on top of you. Hang it in such a way that you can easily reach and touch it. ?Frequently touch it so that you can get the feel of the rope. This will give you an opportunity to get used to the spatial coordinates of the rope, making it easy for you to imagine where the rope is.Thoroughly perform relaxation exercise until you are fully settled. ?It is important that you do not overdo your exercises. ?Using your imaginary hands, pull out an. Cheap New Jerseys   Cheap New Jerseys   Cheap Replica Jerseys   Cheap NHL Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Throwback Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys From China   Cheap Custom Jerseys   Cheap NHL Jerseys China   Wholesale Jerseys