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The album moves through a dozen songs that all follow the same basic formula; the album does 聭rock?at a few occasions, but the tone and attitude just seems to have been completely lost. It seems like the band is just going through the motions and then moving on. A few of the songs have a very strong Soundgarden feel to them, while others seem to be some sort of Led Zeppelin effects laden tribute Authentic Colts Hoodie , the album聮s seventh track The Worm especially.

The bands first release consisted mainly of Rage against the Machine leftovers, but the few songs where the band actually let themselves go, namely The Last Remaining Light and Shadow on the Sun, were extravagant and exciting. I got this album hoping that this type of writing would dominate the album; sadly this is just simply not the case. The only track that I can recommend to anyone is the title track, and the only reason I recommend it is because it is written like a self-titled Rage against the Machine era nostalgia track. I guess that聮s basically what the band has decided to sink to Customized Colts Jerseys , a tribute to what they used to be.

Overall: 3.910

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