5 year old catch up vaccinations

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5 year old catch up vaccinations


My just turned 5 year old has not been vaccinated and we are playing "catch up".  We intentionally waited until 5 because if a reaction her sister had to DTap, and because a lot of shots are not needed or need less dosages at an older age.  
So, I need recommendations of which shots to get first, or a recommended order/ series of shots or which ones to avoid combining!!  We are only going to do one dose of MMR (then check titers)....
Please help - I am nervous about all vaccines, and have been so lucky that thus far she has only needed one antibiotic and is a very well child : )
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Re: 5 year old catch up vaccinations

Middle Roader
Here is a link to the table of how many doses are needed: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/downloads/child/catchup-schedule-pr.pdf

According to the chart you would need (if you wanted to do them all):
3 doses - Hep B
no Rotavirus (too old)
4 doses - DTaP
1 dose - Hib
1 dose - PCV
3 doses - polio
2 doses - MMR
2 doses - Varicella
2 doses - Hep A

I would personally say that the most important vaccines would be DTaP (because of the current rise in pertussis) and MMR (because of the recent rise in measles).  You could start there and then see after that.

Generally speaking:
- MMR-V has more likelihood of fever than even the MMR and Varicella given as separate shots on the same day.
- DTaP and PCV given together have a greater likelihood of fever than if given on separate occasions.
- I would give DTaP separately because of the previous reaction.

Do you know which ones you want to do?  I could help you come up with a more specific schedule if you tell me which ones you want to do and which ones you're going to skip.